Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga: Uniting Body, Mind and Soul

Thanks to good posture, the breath and energy will circulate freely. Your emotions will be able to pass through any blockages you may have, your thoughts will be more positive and creative. Moreover, you will emanate serenity. Using the language of body and soul, give yourself a moment of softness and kindness while getting to know yourself.

These classes will

  • Relieve you from your back aches
  • Help you relax from your daily stress
  • Ease your monkey mind
  • Calm your anxiety
  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Breathe fully

On the menu

  • Breathing and reconnection to the Self
  • Rediscover the right posture adapted to your
  • You will experience more positive and creative thoughts
  • You will be more at ease in the present moment

In French and English

**8 people maximum per session

These classes are aimed to find strength, flexibility, softness in the movements of your body through development of body awareness.

Throughout the classes, you will discover what yoga therapy is all about as well as its many benefits. We will be practicing a variety of yoga therapy postures and you will also experience yoga nidra as well as shapes from restorative yoga. If you wish, you will be individually guided through adjustments and different options will be available in order to adapt the posture to your specific needs. During each session, you will develop an improvement of your breath, a physical, mental and emotional state of relaxation as well as a deeper understanding of yourself.

Dates and times: some Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons

Friday evening: 18h00- 20h00

Sunday afternoon: 16h-18h

By donation

Preferred: $10

No one will be refused for lack of donation

Required materials

Yoga Mat

Yoga Blocks

A scarf / yoga strap

Blanket and Pillow

Forms and Waiver must be filled and signed before first session. Please send the forms, waivers and a confirmation reserving your spot to Please inform Mélanie as soon as possible if there is a cancellation as there is a waiting list. Forms and waiver need to be received for reservations to be accepted.